Tuesday, February 26, 2002

The Chaperone

This past weekend, my friend Terri invited me to Lubbock to attend the birthday party and slumber party for her two oldest daughters, Taylen and Teagan. Here's a picture of Taylen holding up the "diamond-like" earrings I got her for her birthday:


Since I stayed at their house and helped chaperone the slumber party (no, really!), I was there for the entire shindig. Here are a few highlights:
  1. The party was attended by approximately 15 little girls (7-9 year olds). They can make a lot of noise, most of it being classified in the "squealing" category.
  2. If you were a fan of N*Stink ... uh, I mean N*Sync ... you wouldn't be after hearing the same CD several dozen times during the evening. Luckily, I convinced them to turn it off by threatening to dance whenever it was on. Spastic dancing by adults tends to frighten small children.
  3. In the picture above, Ashley is the little blond girl sitting on the floor. At one point in the evening, she told me she thought I was handsome. She immediately became my favorite.
  4. Also in the picture above, Kimberly is the little brunette girl sitting on the table. After a fun-filled night of brownies, strawberry cupcakes, indoor hide-n-seek in the dark, singing, running around, lots and lots of squealing, and (in Kimberly's case) having your face jumped on by one of the cats while sleeping, Kimberly's little body could no longer contain her excitement, and she threw up. Multiple times. Not being familiar with the house, she didn't make it to the bathroom for the first batch and left her deposit in the hallway. The rest of it was in the bathroom, although she didn't always hit the toilet. :) Since Terri was occupied with consoling Kimberly and cleaning up the bathroom and her husband Tim was conveniently asleep, I got to clean up the hallway mess. And due to the aforementioned strawberry cupcakes, her vomit was pink. Let me just say this: if any of you invite me to a party any time soon, I'm not cleaning up any messes.