Tuesday, June 03, 2003

My brother Ron is a PIG!

Having grown up a twin my whole life (and the 8-9 months preceding it), I sometimes forget that there are people who have only met one of us handsome devils. This weekend, I was up in Dallas to attend my friend Greg's graduation party. On Saturday, my date Deanna and I were heading to lunch, but I did a favor for my sister-in-law Chandra first. She was in charge of a car wash that their church youth group was having, so I stopped by to get my car washed and to make a donation.

I arrived and parked my car in line. Deanna and I got out, said hello to Chandra, and sat down in the shade in the chairs that were provided while Chandra was busy making sure the kids weren't goofing off too much, as kids sometimes do. I said hello to a couple of the kids I recognized from some of the previous church functions I attended, but I didn't know most of them, so we pretty much stayed sitting in the shade. And Chandra would occasionally stop by to chat when it wasn't too busy.

Although Ron and I are identical twins, we don't look as alike as we used to. His face has always been a little thinner than mine, but now that our hair isn't exactly cut the same and I have facial hair, people have no trouble telling us apart when we're standing next to each other. But apparently, some people have problems telling us apart when 1) we're not in the same place, and 2) they don't know Ron has a twin.

Chandra told me at dinner that night that after we left, some of the kids were upset with "Ron". First, they were upset because "Ron" and Chandra had apparently separated. And second, they were upset because "Ron" had the audacity to show up at the car wash with a hot date. And flaunting her in front of "his" wife ... how rude! They thought "Ron" was such a pig! I guess "he's" just that kind of guy. :)

Prologue: Yes, it was explained to the kids who I was, and that no, Ron was not there with a date. Ron wasn't even there. So perhaps for this one instance, Ron wasn't being a pig. This time.