Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Oh, he's my favorite

Several years ago my incredibly handsome twin brother and his wife adopted their first daughter Shayla. She was the first niece (or nephew) in the family, and I wanted to make sure she adored her Uncle Don. Any time I visited or talked to her on the phone I always started the conversation with, "Hey Shayla, it's your favorite Uncle Don." Some might call it brainwashing; I prefer to call it targeted marketing.

Several months later, Shayla was playing with one of her older cousins Lindsay. Lindsay was helping her learn family members' names by asking where they were.

Lindsay would ask, "Where's your daddy?"

Shayla would answer, "He's at work."

"Where's your mommy?"

"She's at home."

She went through several members, and then she got to me. Lindsay asked, "Where's your Uncle Don?"

And Shayla responded, "Oh, he's my favorite!"

I guess "targeted marketing" does work.