Sunday, May 02, 2004

I thought I still had it

I thought I still had it - the charm, the wit, the charisma ... IT. Granted, some would argue that I never had IT to begin with, but those people are just big stupid heads. (See, there's that wit.)

Saturday morning, it was raining here in the Austin area, and it looked like another one of my team's soccer games was going to be cancelled. However, the soccer association wasn't going to make the decision until game time (9:00 AM), so I was standing by the gate and passing on the game status to the players as they got there. It was still cold and rainy, so I was dressed in a loose pair of sweats and holding my umbrella ... not exactly dressed for the town.

A van from one of the local radio stations was parked by the gate, and I assumed that they had planned on doing a remote from the soccer fields that day, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Inside the van were two very attractive women, possibly DJs for all I know. As I was standing there, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the ladies were smiling in my direction. Apparently, they couldn't get enough of this medium-sized drink of man. Or so I thought.

After the game was finally cancelled, I met some of the parents for some breakfast tacos. During the meal, I got a phone call on my cell, so I stepped away from the table briefly. After the call, I sat back down at the table, and my friend Amie brought clarity to why I was getting so much attention earlier that morning. Amie said to me, "Do you know you have a dryer sheet stuck to your butt?"

Oh well, at least my fly wasn't down.