Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sports and life

Growing up, I was never great at sports. I wasn't bad either, but I was never the star. I was small, but I made up for it by being really slow. :)

I was what is known as a role player. I came in, played hard, and tried to out-hustle the person or team I was playing against. And from time to time, I managed to make a somewhat spectacular play.

It's still the only way I know how to play. I continue to play sports because they're fun. I play the best I can, and hopefully I contribute to my team winning. And if not, I just hope they don't kick me off the team. :)

Of course, at my age it can lead to an injury here and there. I've bruised ribs, twisted ankles, and separated shoulders by trying to make diving catches or by running into a fence or two. Or I end up covered in dirt and chalk after making a headfirst slide into third base, as shown in the picture from last Monday.

(Click the thumbnail to view the full-size image)

Life should be approached the same way. Every day should be an opportunity to work hard and do the best you can. The world is full of people who fail in life even with incredible intelligence, superior athletic skills, or vast wealth (and sometimes all three), while the "role players" impact the world around them through dedication, hard work, and commitment.

They might run into a fence or two, but from time to time they do spectacular things.