Monday, May 22, 2006

When did you turn four?

This past weekend my soccer team had their end-of-season party. One of the parents opened up their home to a rowdy bunch of 10 year olds (and their coach). There was food, drinks, basketball, pool (the billiards kind), pinball, and one of those bouncy moon-walk things.

Early in the festivities, I was in the bouncy moon-walk thing doing bouncy, moon-walk things. I took a break from trying to double-bounce the kids high into the air and leaned against the mesh wall. It was at this point that I realized the structure wasn't aired up enough to support me leaning against the wall, and I proceeded to slowing fall over backwards to the ground, pulling the ceiling down in the process. Once I got back up, the ceiling popped back up. However, the kids realized that if they did the same thing, one kid could hold onto the ceiling and be pulled into the air once the rest of them stopped leaning against the wall. I got out before any of it could be blamed on me.

Some of the younger siblings of the players also attended. One such youngster, Noah, was asked how old he was. He responded, "I'm four." One of the parents asked him, "When did you turn four?" First, Noah looked at the person like it was the dumbest question he's ever heard (a look I'm all too familiar with) and then responded, "On my birthday."